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The ineffectiveness and poor performance of many teachers which has negative consequences on the primary school pupils’ learning and academic achievements in Anambra State was the reason for this study. The study therefore, examined the in-service training opportunities provided for primary school teachers professional development in Anambra State. Two research questions guided the study. The descriptive survey research design was employed in the study. Population for the study constituted a total of 8,031 teachers in 1,067 primary schools in the 6 education zones in Anambra State. The study sample size consisted of 803 teachers from 213 primary schools in the six (6) education zones in Anambra State selected using stratified random sampling technique. The sample was selected at 10% of the teachers’ population and 20% of the primary schools’ population within the 6 education zones in Anambra State. A 21-item questionnaire developed by the researchers and titled: “In-Service Training Opportunities Provided for Primary School Teachers Professional Development Questionnaire (ISTOPPSTPDQ)”, which was validated by three experts was used to collect data from the teachers. A pilot test was conducted in order to establish reliability of the questionnaire. Data collated were analyzed using descriptive statistics of the mean scores and standard deviation in order to answer the two research questions. Findings of the study indicated among others that both on-the-job and of-the-job in-service training opportunities were not sufficiently provided for the primary school teachers for their professional development in Anambra State. Based on the findings of the study, recommendations were proffered and among them included that; the Anambra State Universal Basic Education Board (ASUBEB) and other financial and private institutions should support the primary schools through adequate financial assistance to enable the head teachers provide sufficient on-the-job in-service training opportunities for teachers’ professional development.



In-service Training, Opportunities, Primary Schools, Teachers, Professional, Development