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This study is investigated the level of effective role performance of public secondary school principals of Anambra State with a view to ascertain their rate of effective role performance on student management and to make recommendations. The study also tried to determine the opinion of teachers about principal’s role performance in urban and rural public secondary schools, male and female principals and the two categories of experience principals. To determine the above, research questions and hypotheses were formulated to enable the study be statistically tested. The test was used for the hypotheses, all on the 0.05 level of significance. The result showed that the ratings of the effective role performance of the public secondary school principals is effectively above the decision rule of 2.51 and that there is no significant different in the assessment of the role effective role performance of the principals by the teachers on the basis of gender. The result of the study also showed that there is no significant difference in the assessment of the performance of the principals by the teachers on the basis of school location and also on experience categories of teachers. The population of the study consists of all the teachers and their principals in public secondary schools in Anambra State. The sample size is 600 teachers out of 5552 teachers in Anambra State. In conclusion all categories of principals perform their roles effectively based on the result of the study, it was recommended among others that; 1 Principals should effectively perform their roles whether in urban or rural public schools
of Anambra State to give all teachers and students equal benefits from their roles. 2 Principals of public secondary schools should effectively give more attention to leadership in determine performance on student management if ultimate goals of secondary schools which is to promote child growth and development is be achieved. 3 Principals should take individual teacher ideas and suggestion as important .This is how the effective and efficient role performance of the principals in terms teachings and learning can be achieved. 


Effective, Role Performance, Public Secondary School Principals