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This is an opinion paper. It aimed at chattering a new course in school management through
self-discipline. The Nigerian society has observed a lot of acts of indiscipline among our youths
especially within the walls of the educational system. Efforts had been made by the Federal
Government to stop these acts through posting of soldiers to schools to control student's
behaviours. At other time the War Against Indiscipline and Corruption (WAIC) was launched,
still not much have been achieved. Many of our school children engaged in indisciplinary
behaviours such as stealing, rudeness, cheating, hooliganism, willful destruction of properties,
gangsterism, violence, alcoholism, smoking, membership of secret cults, destruction of life,
watching of pornographic films and acting it out on fellow students in and outside the school
system, hence all have become the order of the day. These indisciplinary actions breed societal
laxity, moral degeneration and uncaring attitudes. To this end, school administrators,
managers and policy makers work out certain rules and regulations as guides in maintaining
discipline and ensure achievement of educational goals and objectives in the schools. The
efforts are geared towards the production of school leavers who would fulfill their roles and
responsibilities in nation building. Such persons among other things must necessarily be
disciplined. Today, however, there is alarming cries here and there against indiscipline in our
secondary schools. It is common to have newspaper headlines or captions emphasize moral
laxity and indiscipline in schools. This study examined self-discipline as a way to success in
managing school organization.


Self Discipline, Self Control, Way to Success